Freedom in Christ

Our next course will run on a Sunday evening 6pm-8pm and begins Sunday 23rd August until Sunday 22nd November-everyone is welcome to join us. 

Welcome to the Freedom in Christ course. In Matthew 28:19 Jesus commands us to ‘Go and make disciples’-not simply converts, but true disciples that live fruitful lives for God whilst embracing their new life in Christ. Jesus also said in John 8:32 that we would “Know the truth and the truth will set you free”. These are amazing truths that every Christian needs to know in order to live out their true calling and purpose in God whilst seeking to achieve their full potential in God.

The Freedom in Christ course is a 13 week course that seeks to enable Christians to come into a full knowledge of who they now are “in Christ” and what this means for their lives now. It enables people to grasp the amazing truths of the Bible and helps them apply them in their everyday experiences and walk with God. 

Freedom in Christ.The course covers such subjects as: 

  • Where did I come from?
  • Who am I now?
  • Choosing to believe the truth
  • Demolishing strongholds
  • The battle for the mind
  • Forgiving from the heart
  • Walking in Freedom every day

The FIC course is an on-going part of our discipleship structure here at CFC and will be run at different times throughout the year. For more information please contact us through the website or ring 01389 513322 and speak to Ian Miles.